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Brew up our Elevate Blend coffee with a pour over brewing kit.
The San Rafael Estate produces some of Colombia's highest quality coffee.
The Rwandan coffee contributes rich cherry flavours in the Elevate Blend.
Our Elevate Blend is great for pour over filter coffee.

Pour Over Kit 250g

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This kit features a 1-cup Hario Pour Over plastic brewer, 40 filter papers and one 250g bag of our Elevate Blend.




75% San Rafael, Colombia 
25% Nziza Collective, Rwanda


San Rafael, Colombia - Hailing from the San Rafael farm in the lush Cauca region, this semi-washed and dried coffee is of the Castillo varietal, of which there are more than 6000 tree plants plotted across the farm. Presenting a full bodied, cacao and hazelnut driven experience in the cup, this coffee provides the backbone for the Elevate Blend.

Nziza Collective, Rwanda - This beautiful washed coffee of the Bourbon varietal is as colourful as the hand-made dresses worn by the women of the Nziza Collective; a unique, women-owned & run operation found in the Kivu Lake region. Pops of rich cherry and white chocolate in the cup allow the Elevate Blend to shine with depth and dimension.