The Labareda Terrior Single Origin coffee comes from the Sao Paulo region in Brazil.
Smooth and creamy, this Single Origin coffee has a beautiful mouthfeel with notes of caramel and cacao.
This Single Origin coffee has a rich and full mouthfeel.
This Single Origin is Rainforest Alliance certified.
The Brazil Labareda Terrior Single Origin coffee boasts caramel and cacao flavours.

Brazil Labareda Terrior - Rainforest Alliance

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This single origin coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, and comes from Labareda Terrior in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The sub-region of Alta Mogiana where this coffee is from, has been recognised as one of the most traditional coffee producing areas in all of the country. Coffee from this region is renown for it's unique aromas, quality and velvety, creamy body.

This coffee is of the Catuai varietal, and is rich and full bodied. It presents notes of fresh butter and cacao, but when paired with milk, smooth caramel notes feature making it delicious and intensely creamy.